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Everyone who is registered on the website will recently have been asked to reset their password. We have been advised that due to a hack of our old website approximately 4 years ago, people's passwords may have been stolen at that time. We have recently had reports of them being used in phishing emails.

As a precaution, we ask everyone to reset their password to something new. We also recommend that if you use this password elsewhere you change it there as well. We would like to assure everyone that the new (current) website is secure, and there is no evidence of hacking. Note that we have never stored any personal financial information such as bank card details on the website, as all payments are processed by a secure third party, and always have been.

We have received a number of clarification questions and requests as a result of this incident. We will respond to all enquiries individually. In addition, we are now in the process of reviewing and updating our Privacy Statement, in order to clarify what data we need to retain for legal and accounting purposes. All members will be notified of the changes by email when they have been agreed.

Watch out for more info on next year's walk which will be held on the 11 th May 2019.

2018 K2B Start Instructions

The snows and winds over March caused some damage to the road on the west side of Thirlmere. This has unfortunately made it unsafe to use and the repair work will not be complete before walkday; you can find out more on the United Utilities webpage here.

Have no fear though, as one of the sponsors of the walks, United Utilities were keen to continue their support and have offered an alternate route on the east side of Thirlmere. Some of our more intrepid committee members braved the snow to try it out. The verdict being: lovely views, definitely take some jelly babies for the short steep bit in the middle and a nice wide (though not tarmaced) path, then you're back on the normal route and up to Dunmail.

So what does this mean for you? For all those arriving by Happy Bus, very little. There is limited set down space at the start, so to accomodate for any hold ups rather than a 5:30 am group start the runners will be racing against their tagged start time. All traffic will be directed to the start from the A66, via the B5322 (St John in the Vale road), from there we will control the traffic to the start to make sure we're not blocking the road. We do have to receive permission from the local councils to put on the event, so we ask that if you are unable to use the Happy Bus service for whatever reason, that you follow the event traffic so we can minimise the risk of any accidents. We are in the process of updating the maps on our website, so please bear with us.

And next year? Back to the planned route with a start at Legburthwaite, followed by the west side of Thirlmere.

Route to Start