2019 Route description

Last updated on 17th March 2019. This is a DRAFT, and is subject to change.

Due to fallen trees and landslides west of Thirlmere, the 2018 K2B started near the top of Thirlmere, and followed the east side of the lake until joining up with the normal route west of the A591 at Steel End. Unfortunately, the west side of the lake remains blocked, although we are hopeful that it will be cleared in time for the 2019 walk. The Team Support Handbook still describes the route to the east of Thirlmere that was used in 2018. The handbook will be updated as appropriate once the full 2019 route is confirmed.

The Team Support Handbook contains information which should help you to understand the key safety aspects of the walk. Much of the walk takes place on public roads which are open to traffic, so participants must be sensible and obey the Highway Code. Please be considerate to residents and local businesses. Respect the countryside, and dispose of litter responsibly in the sacks and bins provided. Instructions relating to support vehicles have been prepared with the help of Cumbria Constabulary. Some sections of the route are closed to all vehicles, except for emergency services and official vehicles driven by the event organisers. Support vehicle drivers must not attempt to enter these sections of the route, and must obey "No entry" signs and "No support vehicles" signs. Support vehicles are not permitted at any of the following locations:

  • A591 north of Dunmail Raise
  • Elterwater village
  • Little Langdale
  • Tilberthwaite
  • Hodge Close
  • Shepherds Bridge Lane in Coniston village
  • Coniston Sports & Social Centre
  • The road east of Coniston Water
  • Kirkby Moor (west of Lowick)
  • Marton village
  • Broughton Road between the Black Dog Inn and the northern outskirts of Dalton
  • Hawcoat Park Sports Club

The walk has a low accident record, and with your support, we aim to keep it that way. The support vehicle routes are aimed at minimising congestion on the walk route, some parts of which are very narrow and potentially hazardous. Please follow instructions from the walk marshals, who will be in attendance on motorbikes and on foot. Marshals are instructed to note the registration numbers of any vehicles that cause a nuisance, to be dealt with appropriately by the authorities.

The aerial views and maps are courtesy of Google Earth and Google Maps. You can view the whole route, starting at Swirls on the east of Thirlmere, on the Ordnance Survey website: https://osmaps.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/route/1935931/K2B-2018-Official-Route.

The alternative (preferred) route, starting at Legburthwaite, and travelling down the west of Thirlmere, is as follows: https://osmaps.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/route/3092380/K2B-2019-Alternative-Route

Your dog may accompany you on the walk if you consider that it is fit to do so. The organisers do not provide veterinary or other support services for dogs. Dogs (except guide dogs) are NOT permitted on Happy Buses, in the field immediately to the south of Coniston Sports Club, or at Hawcoat Park Sports Club.

Make sure that you pay to park in any car parks where charges apply, even if you're only there for a short time.

In an emergency phone 999 and then 07523 838843

In an emergency when violence or a threat to life is posed, a crime is in progress, or a serious accident has occurred, always dial 999. Please then call the event incident support (ICE) number as soon as possible on 07523 838843. Other useful phone numbers are provided on the Phone Us page (at the back of the Team Support Handbook).