2020 Walk: Resolution Challenge supporting our local charities and good causes

Total raised so far this year: £ 195.00

Due to the continued impact of Covid-19, this year’s Keswick to Barrow Walk is going back to it’s roots. The walk has successfully run every year for the past 53 years and, as with this year, that sometimes means being creative.

We want to honour the core of the Keswick to Barrow Walk. This means an event for local people raising money for local charities and good causes. The walk is one of the largest, local community events that raises money for charities and causes in the North West.

In 1967, the Barrow Shipyard first challenged the Royal Navy to walk from Keswick to Barrow. Every year since the Shipyard and Navy have gone head to head to be the fastest team home.

This year, on the 26th September, to honour the founding of the Keswick to Barrow Walk and it’s 54th year, the Committee will support last year’s Shipyard winners and the Navy as they re-enact the walk that started it all to raise monies that will be distributed to local charities and good causes that have been front and centre supporting local people through the impact of the Covid crisis*.

This fund will be shared out among the local charities and causes that have been impacted most by Covid 19*.

You can also donate by text message:

To donate £5, text K2B20 to 70970  
To donate £10, text K2B20 to 70191



So please show your support for the walk and the local charities and good causes it supports

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