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Everyone who is registered on the Keswick 2 Barrow website will have received an email recently asking them to reset their password. This is a legitimate email. We have been advised that due to a hack of our old website approximately 4 years ago, people's passwords may have been stolen at that time. We have recently had reports of them being used in phishing emails. Unfortunately, some of our members have reused old passwords when registering on the new website, which is never advisable, particularly in this case.

We therefore ask everyone registered on the website to reset their password to something new. We would also recommend that if you use this password elsewhere you change it as well. We would like to assure everyone that the new (current) website is secure, and there is no evidence of hacking. Also, please note that we have never stored any personal financial information such as bank card details on the website, as all payments are processed by a secure third party, and always have been. If you have any queries, please email them to For more information on the latest email scams, we recommend this article:

Watch out for more info on next year's walk which will be held on the 11 th May 2019.

Phone us

On walk day only

In an emergency phone 999 and then 07523 838843

In an emergency when violence or a threat to life is posed, a crime is in progress, or a serious accident has occurred, always dial 999. Please then call the event incident support (ICE) number as soon as possible on 07523 838843.

Other phone numbers for walk day

Call us if you need help or advice during the walk.

Incident Control Centre: Call the incident control centre in an emergency or to report a walker dropping out. This number is printed on the walker lanyards and on the route card. 07523 838843
Chief Marshal North: John McIntosh is responsible for marshalling on the northern section of the route, between Keswick and Coniston. 07816 682255
Chief Marshal South: Dave Thompson is responsible for marshalling on the southern section of the route, between Coniston and Barrow 07962 260731
C2B Start & Central Control Point: Neil Fleming is responsible for the C2B start, and for managing the Coniston incident centre. 07793 425098
Health & Safety: Kate Grove is responsible for the finish, and event incident control. 07577 065060