Please do NOT use JustGiving or any similar collection agency. They charge a handling fee, and it’s forbidden in our Ts & Cs.
Sorry, online sponsorship is not yet available. Our service providers “Furness Internet” are working hard to get it ready.
The K2B start is north of the A591 road closure at Dunmail Raise. We recommend that you book onto a Happy Bus to get there.

Going for Gold

Online Sponsorship

We’re sorry that our online sponsorship isn’t available yet. Our service providers “Furness Internet” are working hard to get it ready. In the meantime, you are welcome to use our traditional paper sponsor forms. Please don’t use JustGiving or any other payments agency, as the conditions of entry to the walk specify that part of your contributions should be allocated towards walk costs, and more importantly for distribution to local charities and good causes. Please also consider that payments agencies are profit-making businesses, and they take a cut of your money. We do exactly the same processing for free, and you get an excellent event as well! Please be patient, and we’ll get our online sponsorship going as soon as possible.

Provisional k2b route

The planned new K2B walk route for 2016 is now published. We are very pleased to be able to take the start of the walk back to its roots, close to Castlerigg Stone Circle. We have also changed the route south of Elterwater, so that it follows the scenic cycleway from the Eltermere Inn all the way to Coniston village.

Read more about the route