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Everyone who is registered on the Keswick 2 Barrow website will have received an email recently asking them to reset their password. This is a legitimate email. We have been advised that due to a hack of our old website approximately 4 years ago, people's passwords may have been stolen at that time. We have recently had reports of them being used in phishing emails. Unfortunately, some of our members have reused old passwords when registering on the new website, which is never advisable, particularly in this case.

We therefore ask everyone registered on the website to reset their password to something new. We would also recommend that if you use this password elsewhere you change it as well. We would like to assure everyone that the new (current) website is secure, and there is no evidence of hacking. Also, please note that we have never stored any personal financial information such as bank card details on the website, as all payments are processed by a secure third party, and always have been. If you have any queries, please email them to For more information on the latest email scams, we recommend this article:

Watch out for more info on next year's walk which will be held on the 11 th May 2019.

The Coniston to Barrow Walk

About the Walk

The Coniston to Barrow (C2B) Walk takes place on the same day of the year as the Keswick to Barrow (K2B) Walk. The C2B is approximately 21 miles long, starting at Coniston Sports & Social Centre. The C2B shares the same route as the K2B all the way down to the finish at Hawcoat Park Sports Club in Barrow. The 2018 walk will be the 9th C2B.

Heart are the title sponsors of the Coniston to Barrow walk.

Minimum Age for Participants

There is no minimum age limit for taking part in the walk, but we generally advise that the route is unsuitable for unaccompanied children under 12 years old, due to the close proximity of motor vehicles on the public highways.

Joining a C2B Team

The K2B and C2B are fundamentally team walks, and participants should try to join a team. All members of a team can walk either the K2B or the C2B, ie one team cannot have members doing both walks. The C2B is extremely popular, and places are allocated to teams on a first-come first-served basis. There is a strict cut-off when the walk reaches capacity, and no additional teams will be accepted after that point.

Final Registration and Getting to the Start

Happy Bus tickets will be emailed before the walk to everyone in an accepted team who has registered for a bus seat. C2B team co-ordinators should confirm their team registration details at Hawcoat Park Sports Club in Barrow on the Friday afternoon immediately before the walk, where they will be given timing tags, and route maps for team members. An alternative C2B registration process is available at Coniston on walk day if the team coordinator is unable to register in Barrow on Friday.

C2B Waifs and Strays

If you are unable to join a team, you may apply to take part in the C2B as a member of a "C2B Waifs and Strays" team. If you join a C2B Waifs and Strays team, you will not be able to nominate a specific charity to receive your donations. All money raised by members of C2B Waifs and Strays teams will be split between a range of small charities which the K2B Committee would like to support, many of which may otherwise struggle to attract significant donations.

To proceed on this basis, please send an email containing your Full Name, Member ID, and Date of Birth, to after team registration opens in January, and we will add you to a team, subject to availability. This option is NOT available for the K2B. Individual members of C2B Waifs and Strays Teams have the option to collect their timing tags and route maps at Hawcoat Park on Friday afternoon, or alternatively at the C2B start on Saturday morning if preferred.

At the C2B Start

The Coniston Sports & Social Centre is located on a narrow lane in a quiet residential area. Please be respectful of this when arriving, and whilst waiting for the walk to start.

There is NO PARKING for walkers or supporters at the Coniston start, either in Shepherds Bridge Lane or at the social centre. Shepherds Bridge Lane will be completely closed to traffic, except for authorised vehicles. This is essential to ensure the safety of K2B and C2B participants.

The C2B walk starts in the car park next to the sports and social centre building. There is a large number of people to be accommodated, so it is essential that you pay close attention to instructions from marshals, and listen carefully to information provided via the event Public Address (PA) system.

The Coniston Sports Club Committee will be selling teas, coffees, bacon buns, etc, to raise funds for the club. Please support them. They can take cash or contactless payments. Do NOT set up your own cooking and brewing facilities in the sports club grounds.

Walkers may start any time between 0830 and 1000. Your start time will be the time when you actually cross the start line. The C2B is not a race, and there is no advantage in starting first. There should be plenty of time for everyone to finish. For your safety and for your enjoyment of the walk, we will start walkers slowly, in a careful and controlled manner. Please be patient while you're waiting, make some new friends, and enjoy the occasion!

C2B walkers are entitled to free drinks, food, and medical treatment on the route and at the finish. Please note that food is provided for K2B walkers at Machells Coppice, and for C2B walkers at Lowick Church. All finishers receive a completion certificate and a commemorative medal.

About Coniston

Coniston is one of the most attractive valleys in the Lake District. In the past, copper, limestone and slate were hewn from the underlying rocks, iron ore was smelted on the lake shores, and charcoal produced in the woodlands. Coniston Water was used to transport these materials away until the railway was built in 1859. The area was exploited by powerful families such as the Le Flemings and Marshalls.

Coniston also attracted a number of literary geniuses, including John Ruskin, WG Collingwood, Arthur Ransome, and Richard Adams. Beatrix Potter acquired much of the land, including Monk Coniston, Tarn Hows, and Yew Tree Farm, and bequeathed it to the National Trust.

More recently Coniston was associated with the water speed record exploits of Malcolm Campbell and Donald Campbell. There are several unique visitor attractions in the area, including Brantwood (the home of John Ruskin), and the steam yacht "Gondola".

Coniston Sports & Social Centre