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The Keswick to Barrow Walk operates an electronic timekeeping system to accurately measure times and calculate finish positions. Each participant will be issued with an electronic RFID monitoring tag. The system will record individual times for each participant at the start, at every checkpoint, and at the finish. On this basis, the system calculates the elapsed time for each participant to complete the distance. The official K2B start time is 05:15 hrs with the start open until approximately 06:15 hrs to allow a staggered start of all participants. Any person not passing the electronic start reader will be credited with a 05:15 hrs start and excluded from team or individual trophy competitions. Note: The C2B start at Coniston Sports & Social Club will be open from 09:15 hrs to approximately 10:30 hrs to allow a staggered start of all C2B participants, and minimise congestion on the walk route. The ‘elapsed time’ (not finish time) will determine the overall finishing positions, and will also be used to determine places in the team competitions. A full listing will be published at the Sports and Social Club in the afternoon. The committee recognises the increasing ‘friendly rivalry’ often expressed between competing teams, and where adjudication is necessary, all parties must accept that the referee’s decision is final.

K2B Trophy Categories

Team Trophies
Resolution CupThe best performance in a closed competition between teams from ships of the Royal Navy built at Barrow and Barrow Shipyard Teams
L Redshaw CupThe team having the best walking performance, as determined by the total number of points scored
K2B Walk Challenge CupThe best walking performance by a team from outside the Furness area
Vanguard CupThe best performance by a Youth team with not more than two members of the team over sixteen years of age.
Charity Challenge TrophyThe best walking performance by a BAE SYSTEMS team
W Richardson TrophyThe best performance by a team from the Armed Services other than those teams eligible for the Resolution Cup
Ladies Team TrophyThe first "All Ladies" Team home
Individual Trophies
Best Performance CupFirst man home
JM Redshaw CupFirst Lady home
Sandy Woods Boys TrophyFirst male under 17 years home
Sandy Woods Girls TrophyFirst female under 17 years home

Team Awards

For K2B team awards, ‘Best Performance’ is identified as the maximum number of points raised in the shortest possible time. The ‘maximum number of points’ that is achievable by any team is 200. This is divided by the number of ‘starting’ team members up to a maximum of 20 points each. For example, a team of ten can achieve a maximum 200 points, so can a team of twelve, but a team of nine can only achieve 180 points (9 x 20 = 180). This means that the optimum number in a ‘competitive team’ is ten, each person walking for 20 points. By the same factoring mechanism, the ‘maximum’ number of team points accumulated by a participant upon reaching each checkpoint is provided as follows:

CheckpointLocationMax Points
4Water Park6
5Lowick Church7
6Rake Cross Roads8
FinishHawcoat Park Sports Club20

The "shortest possible time" is determined by the last person in the team to finish.

Individual Awards

Competitors for the K2B First Man/Woman/Boy/Girl Trophies should preferably start together. There will be a special start-point set up adjacent the marshal’s desk at the K2B start, where runners (or fast walkers) competing for these trophies will need to register. Competitors will be started at 05:10 hours. Any competitor arriving later than 05:10 hrs can still compete for the trophies provided he/she passes the electronic start reader to record their start time.