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Provisional Date for the 2023 walk is 6th May

Entries open in January 2023.

Please could all sponsorship be paid in by  July 15th 2022

General FAQs

2020 Walk Postponement

When will the 2020 walk be held?

The full walk will now be held on the 18th September 2021. Though we aim to hold the Resolution Cup on the 8th May 2021.

Why were the 2020 walks postponed?

Unfortunately, with the circumstances surrounding Covid we were unable to host a walk in 2020. In order to ensure the safety of walkers and road users, the walk relies heavily on marshal support from both volunteers and Cumbria Constabulary. As the risk of Corona Virus reamined high through 2020 and the early part of 2021, we were unable to ensure this support would be available. As the walk takes place on roads, without our marshal support we are unable to guarantee a safe event for the 2500 - 3000 that walk. 

Why can't I pay my registration fee?

We will not be accepting any new registration's until after the Resolution Challenge which is due to take place in May 2021.

What happens to donations I have already received?

All donations will be carried forward to September.

As defined in the Terms and Conditions, donations are non-refundable and we will ensure the nominated charities and good causes receive these as normal after the postponed walk in September.

Will there be any changes for the walk?

We hope not though changes may be necessary to ensure the safety of all walkers and volunteers on the walk. Any changes will be in line with Government guidance and will be communicated in advance.

Will I have to re-pay my registration fee/donations?

No, any money you have paid so far will contribute towards the postponed walk.

What happens if I've paid the Registration Fee but can't make the new date?

We understand that due to change of date some walkers will not be able to walk in September. Please be assured that the money you have raised will be distributes to the charities and good causes you have nominated.

I'm currently the Team Co-ordinator but I won't be around for the walk in September.

That's still ok, so long as you can have someone else to deputise for you. They'll need to know the status of your team members and be available to collect the timing tags etc. at Registration.

I've been removed from my team as I deferred to 2021 and they were all going to walk in 2020.

You'll need to speak to your team coordinator who will need to add you back into your team.


Resolution Cup Challenge

When will the Resolution Cup Challenge be held?

The Challenge is planned to take place on the 8th May 2021.

Where has the money raised for the Resolution Cup gone?

The funds raised in 2020 for the Resolution Cup were distributed on the 25th November 2020 to:

  • Morecombe Bay Hospitals Charity
  • St Mary's Hospice (Ulverston)
  • St John's Hospice (Lancaster)
  • CancerCare (North Lancs and South Cumbria)

Each charity recieved a donation of £3000.



General Queries


Why all the plastic cups?

The Keswick to Barrow Walk does hand out plastic cups at our water checkpoints. However, we strongly urge our walkers to bring reusable drinks bottles to enable us to cut down on the number we use each year. 

Can I bring my dog(s)?

Only assistance dogs are permitted on the Happy Buses and at the finish line at Hawcoat Park.

How do I find out about the route?

Try our route pages.

What on earth do I wear?

Suggested clothing and items to bring on the day can be found on our Approaching the Walk page.


Can wheelchair users join in?

The Keswick to Barrow Walk route is not suitable for wheelchairs. The Coniston to Barrow route is suitable and we would love to have more entrants; if you'd like to investigate the route before you sign up, you can find the details here.

Are there any age restrictions?

While there are no age restrictions on the Keswick to Barrow and Coniston to Barrow Walks, we do recommend that the Walks are unsuitable for unaccompanied children under 12 years old, due to the close proximity of motor vehicles on the public highways. All under 16's will need a Parental Consent form in place before they are allowed to participate.

Getting Prepared

What should I do to prepare for the walk?

There's loads of great information on the website about this topic. Try our Approaching the Walk page if you're looking for the logistics and we have a whole host of advice on Training and looking after your Wellbeing.

The Big Day

What happens on the day?

There loads of information about what happens on the day on this page, including how you can locate walkers on route and when to get to the start.

What help is there if I have problems on the day?

We have a whole army of volunteers out on the route so please let us know if you're having difficulties. Teams of First Aiders at generally at each checkpoint but they also pop up along the route at suitable locations.

If you do need to drop out, please call ICE (the number on your lanyard)and let us know that you are safe if you are unable to inform an official locally.


In Case of Emergency (ICE) phone 0777 888 4020

In case of emergency, if a threat to life is posed, a crime is in progress, or a serious accident has occurred, call 999, and then call ICE. The ICE number is printed on walker lanyards.


How does a nominated charity claim Gift Aid?

All donations are made to the Keswick to Barrow Walk Committee. As such, it is the Keswick to Barrow Charity that claims the Gift Aid on donations made.

How do the charities and good causes that benefit from the K2B get their money?

Money is BACS transferred to your charities and good causes. This will show in their account on the day after the presentation evening; this date is displayed at the bottom of the website pages in the 'Diary' section and will change every year.

Each September we will email the address registered for the charity account to confirm that the organisation is still active and the details, particularly Bank Details, we have are still correct.  If the charity or good cause does not complete this re-validation the organisation will not be available for teams to select in the future years when nominating charities or good causes.

What's the most important thing to do on the walk?

Above all, enjoy the walk. Taking part in the K2B or C2B is a fantastic and memorable experience. You meet like-minded walkers and runners on the way. The atmosphere is unique and on finishing, as you enjoy those free beers, you will feel great, even if you cannot manage another step. And not forgetting the money you have raised through your sponsorships to help people more needy than yourself. Good luck!