Latest News

The C2B is now full.

We will no longer be accepting new C2B teams - K2B Remains OPEN for new teams and additional walkers being added into their teams.

C2B Team coordinators can now only add a walker as a replacement for someone else in their team who has dropped out ( Walker who has dropped out must be removed first).

The Walks' Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement have been updated for 2019. Please make sure you have read these before registering for 2019's K2B or C2B walk.


Thanks to all who took part in 2018's K2B and C2B walks. A massive £333,205 was given away to your charities and good causes; see our Charity Awards page for the full detail.

Any uncashed cheques from 2018will be cancelled and paid via BACS to the nominated charities.

Watch out for more info on this year's walks which will be held on the 11th May 2019.

Happy buses

Happy Buses to Keswick & Coniston

We charge an entry processing fee for every walk participant which must be paid on-line via your dashboard. This includes a free Happy Bus seat from the Barrow and South Cumbria area to the start of the K2B or C2B Walk. You can also review and update your pick-up point from your dashboard (

Buses start from various points, picking up at locations along the route as listed below. Please be aware that all buses do not stop at each location (most only pickup at 2 / 3 locations). You must get on the bus at the location specified on your bus ticket.

Bus Tickets

Apart from the K2B Runners Bus, all Bus tickets are a Personalised e-Bus Ticket which will be emailed to the email address you are registered with on the Thursday Evening before the walk.

K2B Runners Bus tickets need to be collected from the Hawcoat Park Registration session.

Pickup locations

The Provisional (still to be confirmed with Travellers Choice )2019 Pickup times for walkers are shown below.

Please do not be late.

K2B Runners Bus

We will be offering a K2B Runners Bus in 2019 :-  Starting from Walney and collecting only at The Strawberry - Barrow, Tudor Square - Dalton, Tank Square - Ulverston and Haverthwaite Bus Stop.

Tickets  (with confirmed pickup time ) for the KB Runners Bus need to be collected from the Friday Registration Session at Hawcoat Park.

Location K2B Walkers C2B Walkers Map
The Ferry, Promenade, Walney 03:45 08:00  
Travel Lodge, Walney Road, Barrow 03:45 08:13  
Askam Railway Station 03:40 08:03  
Ramsden Square, Abbey Road, Barrow 03:45 08:08  
White House (Furness Park), Abbey Road, Barrow 03:45 08:00  
The Strawberry, Abbey Road, Barrow 03:45 08:00  
Tudor Square, Dalton 03:45 08:00  
Tank Square, Ulverston 03:45 08:00  
Market Square, Millom 03:45 07:30  
Premier Inn, Barrow 03:45 07:55  
Anchor Bus Stop, Lindal-in-Furness 03:45 (Dependent on Demand) 08:00 (Dependent on Demand)  
Greenodd bus stop 03:54 (Dependent on Demand) 08:08 Dependent on Demand  
Haverthwaite bus stop 03:58  (Dependent on Demand) 08:03 (Dependent on Demand)  
Backbarrow bus stop 04:00 (Dependent on Demand) 08:00 Dependent on Demand  
Newby Bridge bus stop 04:03 (Dependent on Demand) 07:55 (Dependent on Demand)  
High Cross Inn, Broughton 03:50 (Dependent on Demand) 07:40 (Dependent on Demand)  
Ulpha junction, Duddon Bridge Dependent on Demand Dependent on Demand  
Royal Oak, Lindale 03:50 (Dependent on Demand) 07:45 (Dependent on Demand) Map
Brettargh Holt bus stop 04:00 (Dependent on Demand) 07:30 (Dependent on Demand) K2B Map     C2B Map
St John's Hospice, Slyne, Lancaster 04:00 07:00  
Carnforth - Carnforth High School 04:10 07:10 Map
Kendal Bus Station 04:10 07:20 Map
K2B Only - Windermere ( Bus Stop outside Mountain Goat Office) 04:25 (Dependent on Demand) NO BUS  
K2B Only  - Ambleside ( White Platt Recreation Grounds ) 04:38 (Dependent on Demand) NO BUS  
K2B Only - Grasmere ( Bus Stop opposite White Swan) 04:49 (Dependent on Demand) NO BUS  
K2B Only  - Keswick Bus Station 05:10 (Dependent on Demand) NO BUS  

There is a strict NO DOGS rule on the Happy Buses, except for assistance dogs. The bus operators will enforce this rule.

Public Transport

For public transport options, we recommend the Traveline website, or phone 0871 200 22 33, 7.00am - 9.00pm (7.00am to 8.00pm in Cumbria) every day of the week (calls cost 10p per minute plus any charges your network provider makes). Also try the following numbers: Traveline Cumbria Helpline: 01946 598201 Apollo 8 Travel: 01539 824086