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Please read this page and download the Walker Checklist, even if you've done the walk before.

Walker Checklist PDF

Minimum age for participants

There is no minimum age limit for taking part in the walk, but we generally advise that the route is unsuitable for unaccompanied children under 12 years old, due to the close proximity of motor vehicles on the public highways. All under 16's will need a Parental Consent form in place before they are allowed to participate.

Final team registration

Team Co-ordinators can make changes to their teams on-line up until 18:00 on Thursday evening before the walk. Following this a representative of the team, preferably the team co-ordinator, is required to come to Hawcoat Park Sports Club in Barrow between 1230 and 1730 on the Friday afternoon before the walk. Team registration details, including any last minute drop outs, will be confirmed with the Start Marshal, who will then issue route cards, timing tags and lanyards. Blue lanyards are issued for K2B teams, and orange lanyards for C2B teams. Don't worry if you are a team from outside the area, as you can confirm your team on the morning of the walk at the start, but please try to arrive well before the walk start time to do this.

Hi-Viz clothing and road safety

The police and the Highways Authority have stated that as the majority of the event takes place on public highways which are open to traffic, it is highly advisable for all participants to wear hi-viz (reflective) clothing or arm bands. We recommend that you buy this as soon as possible, and wear it whilst training as well as on the day of the walk. The police will be monitoring our activity during the event, and will be playing a constructive part by helping us to convince you to be sensible! Walking 3 or 4 abreast along main roads is very dangerous. You must follow the highway code. Walk in single file on main roads facing oncoming traffic where practicable, and wherever possible use the grass verge or roadside footpath.

Check before travelling to the start

Check the K2B website to confirm that the event is running to plan. This is especially important if the weather is bad, as late changes may be made to walk arrangements for health & safety reasons, etc.

Walk start arrival and safety instructions

The official K2B start time is between 0515 and 0615. Please follow safety instructions from marshals, and wait in the areas where instructed until the event starts. There is limited space for C2B walkers at the Coniston start. The area around the bridge at the Coniston Sports & Social Centre site entrance can quickly become congested as coachloads of walkers arrive. A through-route must be maintained for K2B participants at all times. Please follow safety instructions from marshals, and listen carefully to information provided via the event Public Address (PA) system. Do not move forward to the start queue until instructed. There is no official C2B running event, but genuine runners will be allowed to start at the front of the C2B group. C2B participants may start at any time between 0915 and 1030.

Walk practicalities

When started you head for the first checkpoint at Grasmere (10.0 m) where you will be required to swipe your electronic tag. You do not have to keep with your team, as each participant is independent after the start. If you are suffering from blisters, be sensible and only walk as far as you are able without causing unnecessary hardship. If you find that you have had enough, try to reach the nearest or next checkpoint, where you will be signed off. Be aware that support vehicles have a difficult task as the walk progresses, as 6 or 7 miles can easily divide members of a team. If it starts to rain, somebody will get wet if protective clothing is carried in the car. If the weather is changeable, light rainwear can easily be carried.

Refreshments & litter

At every checkpoint there will be liquid refreshment in the form of a citric cordial drink or water (while stocks last). Our roadside café will be established at Coniston village, where hot food and sandwiches are provided free of charge to all K2B walkers. Hot food and sandwiches are provided free to C2B walkers at Lowick Church. LITTER KILLS LIVESTOCK. Please put your litter in the bins provided. Anything that you drop on the road or in a field has to be picked up by a volunteer... not a good use of their time, and it also creates a bad impression of the walk.

Finishing the walk

Walkers are allowed every reasonable opportunity to complete the distance. The Chief Marshal will monitor the progress of stragglers towards evening and will use discretion based on the walker's physical condition, to determine whether transport should be provided to the finish.

Walkers who reach any of the following locations after the designated times will be stopped at that point, for their own protection, and to safeguard the volunteer marshals further down the route. This is non-negotiable. Transport will be provided to the finish.

Coniston Sports Club: 1:00pm
Red Lion Lowick Information Point: 4:00pm
Rake Cross Roads Checkpoint: 6:00pm
Marton Checkpoint: 7:00pm
Dalton Checkpoint: 8:00pm

Tremendous interest is taken by schools and youth groups in the area, who often give a good account of themselves. The responsible adults in the case of such teams must be walking or supporting these children until the last member of the team finishes. The finish is situated in the grounds of Hawcoat Park Sports Club, where there are extensive playing fields and a clubhouse containing a licensed bar. Anyone entering the club's grounds must respect the club's rules and obey the UK licensing laws. In particular, walk participants and supporters must not bring alcohol onto the site without prior permission from the club's management. Well behaved dogs on leads are permitted on Hawcoat Park, but please keep off sports pitches. At the finish, each participant who completes the event will receive a completion certificate, a medal, and two free refreshments.