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Individual registration is open. Take note of your Member ID and pass it on to your team coordinator.

Team registration opens 31st Jan. All team data in the system will be cleansed and coordinators able to set up new teams for this year.

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 2022 walk day is the May 7th

The Walk Day In Case of Emergency (ICE) phone number has changed. It is now 0777 888 4020. The new number will be printed on lanyards and route cards.


This year we'll be holding the postponed 2020 walk. As the walk will be taking place in September rather than May, we'll have fewer daylight hours so some timings will change this year to reduce the risk of walking on dark roads.


This page provides a brief overview of walk day arrangements for the Keswick to Barrow (K2B) Walk and Coniston to Barrow (C2B) Walk, particularly to assist friends and family of walkers. If you are participating in the event as a walker or as a formal team supporter, it is essential that you familiarise yourself with some of the more detailed information contained elsewhere on the K2B website. In particular, walkers should refer to ROUTE DESCRIPTION and EVENT INSTRUCTIONS. Team supporters should refer to SUPPORT DOCUMENTS, where you can download a detailed Team Support Handbook, Support Vehicle Number template, and a Team Support Arrangements Form.

How and when to arrive at the start in September 2021

The easiest way is to catch a "Happy Bus" according to our published schedule, but you must book this in advance. If you're making your own way to the start, make sure you allow plenty of time as the traffic at the start can be quite heavy. Walk start times are as follows:

  • 0615 - 0700 for K2B walkers   ( No separate runners start in September 2021)
  • 0730 - 0830 for C2B walkers

There is strictly no parking at the K2B start. It is essential that vehicle drivers follow the instructions of marshals to drop off walkers efficiently and keep traffic in the area flowing smoothly.

The C2B start is at Coniston Sports & Social Centre. Shepherds Bridge Lane will be completely closed to road traffic. There is strictly no parking in the lane or at the social centre.

Coniston Sports and Social Centre, Shepherds Bridge Lane, Coniston, LA21 8AL.

In Case of Emergency (ICE) phone 0777 888 4020

In case of emergency, if a threat to life is posed, a crime is in progress, or a serious accident has occurred, call 999, and then call ICE. Please also call ICE if you are dropping out of the walk and are unable to inform an official locally, so that walker records can be updated and assistance can be co-ordinated if required. The ICE number is printed on walker lanyards.

Meeting walkers at Checkpoints

At most checkpoints there are parking facilities for support vehicles. Supporters can check on the progress of individual walkers and teams by asking the checkpoint operator to look up this information. It is very helpful if you know the walker's team name and team number. There is no access for support vehicles to Checkpoint 2 at Elterwater, Checkpoint 4 at Water Park, and Checkpoint 6 at Rake Cross Roads.  These restrictions are to protect the safety of walkers on particularly narrow or awkward sections of the route, and will be enforced by police and marshals. For full details of support vehicle routes, checkpoint locations, etc, please download and print the Support Vehicle Instructions document from the K2B website, see SUPPORT DOCUMENTS.


Only assistance dogs are permitted on the Happy Buses and at the finish line at Hawcoat Park.

The finish

Hawcoat Park Sports and Social Club, Hawcoat Lane, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, LA14 4HF.

Finish times vary enormously, depending on many factors, such as the fitness and experience of the participant. The fastest runners complete in about 4.5 hours. The slowest walkers complete in about 16 hours. The vast majority of walkers on both the K2B and C2B complete between mid-afternoon and early-evening.