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My Member ID: 190052
My Team Is: Kendal Mountain Tortoises
Why I'm raising Money: Hi all , thank you for taking the time to sponsor me x

All donations are made to the Keswick to Barrow Walk Charity. A percentage of this donation will be used to fund the cost of the walk and support local charities in South Cumbria/North Lancashire. The remainder of the donation will be donated to the Walker's (Team) nominated charity(ies) as listed below.

Kendal Mountain Search and Rescue Team

My Donations

So far I have raised £330.00
  • Helen Powell donated £10.00 on the 12 May 2024
    'Congratulations... Love us x'
  • Mark Burford donated £50.00 on the 11 May 2024
    'Well done Clare from Mrs Burford Senior & Burf x'
  • Katie Bebbington donated £15.00 on the 11 May 2024
    'Good Luck Sister xx'
  • Gary Woodruff donated £10.00 on the 10 May 2024
    'Good luck bebbles xx'
  • John Morpeht donated £100.00 on the 09 May 2024
    'Good Luck from all at Pure Leisure Group Limited'
  • Billy White donated £20.00 on the 08 May 2024
  • Anonymous donated £30.00 on the 08 May 2024
  • Martyn Davis donated £20.00 on the 08 May 2024
    'Good luck baby x'
  • Nic Burford donated £20.00 on the 08 May 2024
    'Go go go my friend! Have an awesome day and look after them trotters ❤️'
  • Berwick Bayview donated £20.00 on the 08 May 2024
    'We know you will smash it 💪 x'
  • Henry Bebbington donated £15.00 on the 13 April 2024
    '“Go Lou”..😘😊xx'
  • Nicola Kennelly donated £20.00 on the 12 April 2024
    'Good luck you’ll be great x'