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My Member ID: 196276
My Team Is: Walney Wind Cheetah Cubs 1
Why I'm raising Money: This year I'm walking the c2b in the aim of raising funds for our fantastic free running group the Walney Wind Cheetah Cubs. We are a free volunteer led group that supports children to stay active. I'll be walking this with Theo again and dragging rob along with us this year

All donations are made to the Keswick to Barrow Walk Charity. A percentage of this donation will be used to fund the cost of the walk and support local charities in South Cumbria/North Lancashire. The remainder of the donation will be donated to the Walker's (Team) nominated charity(ies) as listed below.

Walney Wind Cheetahs Cubs

My Donations

So far I have raised £95.00
  • Betty Smith donated £15.00 on the 07 May 2024
  • Disa Blackburn donated £10.00 on the 02 May 2024
    'Football card'
  • Melissa Caine donated £10.00 on the 05 April 2024
    'Good luck Auntie Disa, love Keaton and Eleanor xxx'
  • James Thomas donated £10.00 on the 04 April 2024
  • Disa Blackburn donated £20.00 on the 03 April 2024
    'Football card'
  • Alex McCreedy donated £10.00 on the 07 March 2024
    'Good luck 👍🏼'
  • Anonymous donated £20.00 on the 20 February 2024