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The Walks' Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement have been updated for 2019. Please make sure you have read these before registering for 2019's K2B or C2B walk.

Thanks to all who took part in 2018's K2B and C2B walks. A massive £333,205 was given away to your charities and good causes; see our Charity Awards page for the full detail.

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Coniston (CP3)

Coniston Sports and Social Centre

  • Miles to go: 21.07

This checkpoint is at the Coniston Sports and Social Centre in Shepherds Bridge Lane. Support vehicle parking is available nearby for K2B teams only.

  • Support vehicle parking - at John Ruskin School
  • Drinks – at the Checkpoint
  • Toilets – at the Checkpoint
  • First Aid – at the Checkpoint

This is the last point where your support crews can meet you before Lowick. (Support vehicles must travel via Torver to Lowick).

The walk route leaves the social centre via a privately owned field, which may be in use for lambing. Please walk through it responsibly, staying within the marked area close to the field boundary, and avoid upsetting the sheep. DOGS ARE NOT PERMITTED through the field. If you have a dog, please register at Checkpoint 3 as normal, and then take a short detour to the bottom of Shepherds Bridge Lane, turn left at the junction and walk over the stone bridge, taking care to avoid traffic on the road. Rejoin the main walk route on the footpath on the left of the road beyond the small cluster of houses.

Coniston Sports and Social Centre is our central control point, so please visit us here if you need information about the progress of walkers, to report incidents, etc.

The Coniston Sports Club Committee will be selling teas, coffees, bacon buns, etc, to raise funds for the club. Please support them. Do NOT set up your own cooking and brewing facilities in the sports club grounds.

Designated official event vehicles will assist walkers if necessary between Monk Coniston and Lowick.

INTERESTING FACT: Using the proceeds from her book sales, Beatrix Potter acquired nearly 7,000 acres of land in the Lake District, including the Monk Coniston Estate, all of which she transferred or bequeathed to the National Trust.