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The postponed 2020 Keswick and Coniston walks took place on the 18th September 2021. Walkers are requested to ensure all sponsorship is paid in by Friday22nd October 2021

Charity Awards will be Made in January 2022 with 2022 Registration opening on Monday 31st January 2022

The provisional date for the 2022 walks is May7th

The Walk Day In Case of Emergency (ICE) phone number has changed. It is now 0777 888 4020. The new number will be printed on lanyards and route cards.

K2B Start (Walkers)


  • Miles to go: 39.42

    The 2020 start is close to the northern end of Thirlmere. There is very limited capacity for drop-off in the start area, and no space for parking vehicles, so all walkers are strongly encouraged to use the Happy Buses to get there. If you plan to arrive in your own car, please follow the support vehicle instructions on the following page.

    • Support vehicle drop off (no parking)
    • Toilets - at the walker assembly area

    SAFETY: There will be many walkers, and some moving vehicles in the start area. Stay alert, and pay attention to instructions from marshals. Once you've crossed the start line, walk at a pace that comes naturally. If you go either above or below your natural pace you’ll tire far more rapidly, both physically and mentally. While it’s good to journey with other walkers, you should ensure that their pace is close to yours. Completing the walk safely is much more important than a fast time. Many problems can be avoided by taking just a little longer, and allowing time for eating sugary/salty snacks at support points, drinking plenty of fluids, and tending minor injuries. Good luck!

    INTERESTING FACT: After two miles, you will walk past Armboth Fell, where there is a small car park next to the lake. The following is an extract from Wikipedia. The fell is named for the settlement of Armboth which stood on the shore of Thirlmere near the mouth of Fisher Gill. When the level of the lake was raised to create the reservoir in the 1880s, the village was abandoned and submerged. The only remaining structure is the summerhouse of Armboth Hall which lies amid the trees, although a number of ruins, enclosures and tracks can still be found within the forest. There is now no habitation on the western shore of the lake, although 'Armboth' still appears on some signposts.